Use Polarities as a Lens for Transformation

Join us for a free, 45-minute information session to explore Certification, ask questions of KPI practitioners, and discuss the ways the KPI can support your work in the world.

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KPI Certification is designed to teach you how to interpret and use the Key Polarity Indicator (KPI) tools in your work. It also deepens your use of polarities as a lens for vertical development and offers practices and exercises to support your client’s transformational journey.

And the KPI isn’t just for your clients. You’ll also gain the benefits of exploring your own relationship to key polarities — increasing your capacity to operate from Both/And and your understanding of what it means for your clients.

What KPI Certification offers

On completing 4 days of experiential learning and client practice, you will:

  • Feel confident and competent to use four distinct KPI Assessments as seeing and sensemaking tools that work at the level of behavior and identity
  • Enjoy a deeper understanding of polarities as a lens for both transformation and vertical development, for yourself, clients, and systems
  • Join a growing global community of practice that uses both/and thinking to develop more effective leaders and awake humans

“I’ve learned so much more about how I personally navigate some of these very important polarities, and am excited to have a tool and framework that will help so many others I work with. Overall, a fantastic program – the practice time during large group sessions and the meaningful small group conversation as part of pods have been tremendously helpful.”

Sam Levine,  KPI Certification Participant

Ready to use the KPI?

Join us for a free 45 minute information session to explore certification, ask questions of KPI practitioners, and discover the ways the KPI can support your work in the world.