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Become an expert in a rigorous polarities assessment. Join a global community of practitioners embracing Both/And in their work and personal lives.

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KPI Certification expands upon our unique approach to polarities that explores identity transformation, the Third Way as a mindset and heartset, and the role of Vulnerability in navigating polarities.  

You will learn how to interpret and use the KPI in your coaching and consulting, deepen your use of polarities as a lens for vertical development, and experience tools and exercises that will support your client’s transformational journey. And the KPI isn’t just for your clients. You’ll also gain the benefits of exploring your own relationship to key polarities — increasing your capacity to operate from Both/And while deepening your ability to help others navigate polarity in your coaching and consulting.  

KPI Certification is designed to train and certify practitioners in the use of four unique assessment tools AND a distinctive polarity-based tool called the Polarity Navigator®, all within 4 days.  

The program is delivered on Zoom.  

Program Dates & Time 

October 7-10, 2024 (4 Days)  

9AM – 5PM EDT 

  • 1 hour break begins between 12:00 and 12:30pm 
  • Consistent breaks will occur in both morning and afternoon  

Program Objectives 

Upon completing our four-day program, you will:  

  • Feel confident and competent using four distinct KPI Assessments as seeing and sensemaking tools that work at the level of behavior and identity 
  • Enjoy a deeper understanding of polarities as a lens for both transformation and vertical development, for yourself, clients, and systems 
  • Join a growing global community of practice that use both/and thinking to develop more effective leaders and awake humans 
  • Be certified in the Polarity Navigator® Tool and Andiron’s unique 5-step approach to Navigating Polarities: Analyzing, Mapping, Exploring, Acting, and Monitoring
  • Be certified to administer the: 
    • Human KPI™: Self & 360 
    • Leadership KPI™: Self & 360

Program Materials 

As part of our Certification, you will receive a: 

  • 90-min personalized debrief of your Leadership KPI 360 with a coach ($750 value) 
  • Group debrief of your Human KPI Self-assessment ($300 value) 
  • Free KPI assessment for you to use with a client, post-Certification ($200 value) 
  • Free digital copy of Dr. Brian Emerson and Kelly Lewis’ book, Navigating Polarities; Using Both/And Thinking to Lead Transformation  

Certification Process 

  • Register and get pre-approved 
  • Initiate Leadership KPI 360 assessment (1 hour) 
  • Schedule and complete 1:1 debrief with coach (90 min) 
  • Complete Pre-Certification e-learning content (3 hours) 
  • Attend Certification Training (30 hours) 
  • Complete Practice Client Assignment & Reflection Paper (2 hours) 
  • CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a KPI Certified Practitioner!  

ICF Credits  

  • In the past, this course has qualified for 27 hours of Core Competencies and 21 hours of Resource Development CEUs. It is currently undergoing ICF review.   

Total Investment 

  • Full Price: $3,995 Early Bird Special: $3,495  

Ready to integrate the Key Polarity Indicator as a strategic differentiator for your work in the world?

“The KPI has enabled me to go deep with clients and enjoy doing it. I can help clients see the deeper story beneath their behaviors. I like looking at patterns and holding them up for the clients’ inquiry. When I hold it as such, I don’t get attached to the story and stay connected to the client.”