Workshop Enrollment

KPI Certification expands upon our unique approach to polarities that explores identity transformation, the Third Way as a mindset and heartset, and the role of Vulnerability in navigating polarities. You will learn how to interpret and use the KPI in your coaching and consulting, deepen your use of polarities as a lens for vertical development, and experience tools and exercises that will support your client’s transformational journey. And because the self always comes into play when working with others, you will get the benefits of exploring your relationship to some key polarities, increasing your own capacity to operate from both/and and your understanding of what that means for your clients.

Program Objectives

As a certified KPI Practitioner, you will:

  • Feel confident using Key Polarity Indicator tools with your clients, and to bring those tools into organizational systems
  • Have a practical understanding of a polarity-based approach to development, to both inform and deepen your current perspectives and practice
  • Be licensed to administer the:
    • Human KPI™: Self & 360
    • Leadership KPI™: Self & 360
  • Understand how polarities operate personally and professionally in your own identity, experiences, and development journey
  • Join a dynamic global community of practice using polarities as one way to help change leadership and the world for the better

Practice Highlights

In 2 months of classes and 1 month of independent client practice, you can experience:

  • A Leadership KPI Self, with a Coaching Debrief from a KPI Coach
  • A Human KPI 360, also debriefed by an experienced KPI Coach
  • Peer practice in the art and science of interpreting KPI reports with your clients
  • Support in debriefing a Human KPI 360 with a fellow participant
  • Training to debrief your own practice client (your ‘Client Practicum’ requirement)
  • A free KPI for you to use with a client, post-Certification

…the value of the KPI Reports and Debriefs included here exceeds $1000

ICF Credits

  • This course qualifies for 27 hours of Core Competencies and 21 hours of Resource Development CEUs.

Upcoming Program

We’re sorry – the current cohort is full. Please check back soon for the next round of program dates!

“The KPI has enabled me to go deep with clients and enjoy doing it. I can help clients see the deeper story beneath their behaviors. I like looking at patterns and holding them up for the clients’ inquiry. When I hold it as such, I don’t get attached to the story and stay connected to the client.”

– Bill Pullen, former head of the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Program and Institute for Transformational Leadership