Key Polarity Indicator

Master the competing demands that make leadership feel like a balancing act. Learn to lead yourself and others with a Both/And mindset, heartset, and skillset.

Sample KPI Report

Finding Balance

An innovative 360 tool helping leaders navigate the core contradictions of leadership 

Leaders must find the blend between things like their desire for more and appreciating what is; caring for their teams while taking care of themselves; taking action while making time for reflection.

These are polarities – interdependent, yet seemingly contradictory, states that must coexist for success over time. 

Too much of one without the other can have negative impacts, so finding a Third Way — the right blend of both — is key. The KPI shows you how.

Expanding Perspectives
Enhancing Performance

There are a set of polarities foundational to decisions we make and actions we take.
The Human and Leadership KPIs bring these polarities into focus and set the stage for Both/And leadership.

The six polarities each KPI measures are:

Human KPI

These polarities are at play in any role and in any relationship. They are foundational to decisions we make and actions we take.

trusting that I am whole and good enough
accepting and sharing my imperfection and humanity
taking care of oneself
caring about others
having confidence in the positivity of what will come
being in touch with things as they actually are
operating with sincere and earnest conviction
being carefree and operating free of constraint
hungering for more
seeing the full worth of something as it is
taking action and feeling answerable to yourself and others
letting go of pain, allowing second chances, and opening to love

Leadership KPI

There are also a set of specific polarities leaders need to navigate in order to maximize their effectiveness.

being in motion, doing something
contemplating what was, is, and could be
existing or operating consistently
making or becoming different
raising the bar and provoking learning
encouraging others and building confidence
conveying one’s expertise, ideas, and know-how
conveying one’s care and openness
being concerned about the work to be performed
being concerned about the connection with others
providing guidance, authority, and focus
giving others authority and freedom to operate

Go beyond behaviors to the source: the mindsets, values, and motivations that drive action

The Wheel

The KPI recognizes that mindsets drive our actions and actions drive our results. Mindsets are like flashlights that illuminate the actions we take – how we see a situation, and ourselves in it, determine the actions we will (or won’t) take, and the results we get. These mindsets are shaped by our values, preferences, assumptions, and cultural and societal context.

Each pole of a polarity is like a mindset we must adopt to access certain actions and generate specific results. The KPI identifies and organizes a set of polarities to help leaders better imagine the relationship between
Mindset > Action > Results.

The Outer Ring

The Outer Ring summarizes three of the essential results that contribute to fulfillment and success.

The Middle Ring

The Middle Ring contains six of the behaviors needed to deliver on the results of the outer ring.

The Inner Ring

The Inner Ring contains the poles of six of the key polarities people have to navigate regardless of the role they play. They act like a mindset and contribute to or detract from a person’s ability to demonstrate the behaviors in the middle ring.

A 360-degree assessment that cares about how you see yourself as much as how others see you

Designed to help you better understand your relationship to some of the key polarities that commonly show up in leadership – expanding your ability to lead from a both/and perspective.

KPI Visual 3a 1

Human Wheel Sample

This participant could see themselves as “the reliable one” and described as a leader who takes ownership, but may not be quick to also show understanding when someone doesn’t live up to their expectations. They may also be seen as overly critical and could feel burdened by having to do it all. It is likely this person holds a strong value for commitment, positively contributing to their ability to make an impact and they might also deeply fear being seen as soft or weak, leaving them with a desire for a fuller sense of inner peace.
KPI Visual 3b 1

Leadership Wheel Sample

This participant could be described as a leader who stretches people to accomplish bigger and better things and provides the encouragement needed to take risks. Under stress or pressure, they are likely to prefer “the push” and might be at risk for pushing too hard, too far, or too fast. Their value of challenge contributes to their ability to provide inspiration and if taken too far could get in their way of creating the space and support for people to grow.

“The KPI is a framework that goes beyond the question of right or wrong, good or bad. It provides you a 3D view of your strengths as motivators and examines how deeply held attachments can keep us stuck in a polarized view – shedding light on why navigating these paradoxical tensions is often easier said than done.”  

Abbey Jenkins, Chief Commercial & Business Officer, Lyndra Therapeutics

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