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Learn how the KPI is being used inside organizations to fuel transformation.

Executive Team Development – Integrated Design

How well an executive team functions as a collective leadership body, and how its members interact, serves as the model that teams throughout the organization will follow.  The new CEO of a global non-profit organization focusing on the alleviation of poverty knew the truth in such a statement.

During a three-day long executive team offsite, the Human Key Polarity Indicator was used to foster self-awareness, and create a foundation of understanding for this executive team to collectively use their strengths as they began leading and delivering on the organization’s goals and objectives.  After a half-day training session on the power of both/and thinking, each leader was provided a one-on-one debrief and action planning session with a certified KPI Practitioner.

“The KPI and debrief was the most powerful assessment I’ve ever done – what I liked was it illuminated a bunch of things I would have never thought about in a way that didn’t make me feel bad – and I was able to find practical things to work on that will really improve my leadership.”

Executive Team Member

Leadership Development – Collaborative Design

Cultivating Leadership (a leadership consultancy) designed, developed, and delivered a leadership development program for a large multinational conglomerate organization operating in the fields of industry, worker safety, healthcare, and consumer goods. Two different programs, aimed at different levels of leadership, focused on navigating polarities as part of helping participants better lead through complexity.  Andiron partnered with Cultivating Leadership to incorporate the Leadership KPI 360 and the Leadership KPI self-assessments into the transformational program curriculum to be delivered to thousands of leaders across the organization.

During the program, participants completed either the Leadership KPI 360 or Self-Assessment, participated in a virtual debrief, and brought their insights to a guided action learning group to deepen their understanding. KPI 360 participants were offered additional one-on-one coaching if they desired it.

“Mind altering.  A really great way to see what is going on inside and outside of yourself.  To see how your fear of the overuses of your less preferred pole drive your mindsets and behaviors was incredibly helpful.” 

Program Participant

Leadership Development – Customized Design

A global biotech organization provides a nine-month leadership development program focused on building capacities needed to evolve the culture of an innovative growing organization—especially the ability to hold a both/and mindset. 

The Leadership KPI was included in this development program to increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence, set developmental goals, and help leaders understand what it means to embody a both/and mindset.  The Leadership KPI was integrated into the program with a group debrief followed by individual coaching sessions and then touch points and application throughout the remainder of the program.

Participants were able to identify ways to expand their mindsets for one of the six key polarities.  They were grouped with others working the same polarity and received challenge::support as they set and worked on developmental goals.

“The polarity tool and the work on team effectiveness helped us enormously and we will be building on what we learned for some time.”

Program Participant

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