Certification Process

KPI Certification expands upon our unique approach to polarities that explores identity transformation, the Third Way as a mindset and heartset, and the role of Vulnerability in navigating polarities. You will learn how to interpret and use the KPI in your coaching and consulting, deepen your use of polarities as a lens for vertical development, and experience tools and exercises that will support your client’s transformational journey. And because the self always comes into play when working with others, you will get the benefits of exploring your relationship to some key polarities, increasing your own capacity to operate from both/and and your understanding of what that means for your clients.

KPI Certification is designed to train practitioners in the use of four unique assessment tools and a distinctive polarity-based approach, all within 12 weeks.

Integrated Program Experience

KPI Certification isn’t just a training to use an assessment. It’s a way of seeing the world using polarity-based perspectives, so you will learn how to see and work with polarities.

We find even highly-experienced practitioners value the time to absorb and integrate KPI learning into their thinking, being, and practicing over a period of weeks (not just days!). Hence, our program contains 8 weeks of experiential learning and 4 weeks of practice.

Our cohort-based, online program brings together a global community of coaches, consultants, and talent development professionals for a transformational learning journey. In 2 months of experiential learning and a month of practice, you enjoy 30+ hours of rich, interactive learning, free KPI assessments, learning partners, and directed self-study.

Our customized learning management system supports your learning between sessions and on-demand access to course materials and resources.

In-house programs for organizations can have an alternative format. Contact us to discuss.

“As a coach, I learned how to help individuals build awareness and make sense of polarities, and most importantly apply what they learned to their leadership and lives in a meaningful way. Given there are so many polarities at play in our lives – as individuals and leaders, having a tool like the KPI is so powerful because it helps a coach and their clients easily identify polarities where there may be suffering and focus on the the mindsets and behaviors that might be contributing to that suffering. It provides a way in for the coach and client.”

– Dionne Galloway, KPI Certification participant