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Read the course description below and sign up using the Registration Form below. You will be asked to make a secure online payment to complete your enrollment.

Your online classes are in a customized virtual learning environment. Full attendance is required for certification; however, we endeavor to be both flexible and supportive.

There is a Class and a Peer-Practice Activity for each of three Modules. Peer practice sessions are pre-scheduled to help you meet your assigned KPI Coach and your Learning Partner. If you need to change one or more Peer-Practice slots, it is your responsibility to let us know and to find a mutually agreeable alternative time to complete your assignment.

Exact Dates are available per cohort in the information box below.

  • Introductory Session (includes a Peer Practice session)
  • Module 1 Class
  • Peer Practice: Learning Partner activities
  • Module 2 In Class
  • Peer Practice: Learning Partner activities & KPI Coaching Debrief for you
  • Module 3 In Class
  • Peer Practice: Learning Partner activities
  • Integration Session
  • Peer Practice: Learning Partner activities
  • Closing & Celebration

After the Integration Session, you have 4 weeks to complete your Client Practicum (one of your clients takes the Leadership or Human KPI 360 and you debrief them). If you do not complete your practicum by this date, you can, of course, complete it later.

As stated above, in case of difficulty attending one or more Learning Partner sessions, you may be able to flex the dates. Please let us know on your Registration Form or soon after.

The estimate for the number of total hours is 35 – 45 CEUs and will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

There are 2 required preparation steps:
1. Take the Leadership KPI Self and be Debriefed
2. Start your Human KPI 360

Clear instructions are provided in the registration pack. Contact us if you need help.

We look forward to welcoming you to the KPI Community!

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